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The real estate industry is in a constant state of flux due to a constantly changing market and other conditions.

The variables influencing how and when property is acquired, developed, and utilized is a complex formula that is different for each company. Whether you focus on property development, management, or you are a real estate investor, broker, or agent, our team of experienced professionals can help. To ensure your company’s formula is producing expected results, it is essential to work with a CPA firm that not only understands traditional tax, accounting, and audit, but one that is intimately familiar with the common financial issues and challenges faced as well.

Let’s face it; if a provider does not have experience in your industry then there is limited value they can offer. As companies grow and evolve, so do their accounting, tax, audit, and planning needs. Hanson & Co. works with dozens of real estate companies across the Front Range to address compliance, planning, and growth issues.

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DOL Issues Final Overtime Rules

DOL Issues Final Overtime Rules

Dedicated employees who commit to working hard to complete a project, meet increased production demands and drive innovation should be rewarded. In addition to their base compensation, other benefits such as retirement plans, health, dental and year-end bonuses are often given. The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued, Final Rule – Overtime Update, which will impact Denver area employers.