Business Valuations

It’s a common misunderstanding for business owners to believe a valuation is only needed when preparing to sell the company. While it’s true a valuation is needed when putting a company on the market for sale, there are many other instances where valuations are needed. These situations include when looking to purchase another company, developing a new shareholder or partner agreement, seeking company financing, succession planning purposes, estate and gift tax planning, or for ligation purposes (divorce, partner disputes). In some cases, management will conduct a valuation to get benchmarking information for planning purposes.

Denver Business Valuation Experience

Whatever situation is prompting the need for a valuation, it’s essential to work with a firm that offers the right mix of expertise, experience and practical guidance.  While there are many firms that can conduct a valuation very few have the know-how that comes from years of valuing companies in multiple industries with diverse value drivers. The team at Hanson & Co. has years of experience preparing valuations for purposes beyond the traditional sale of a company. We do more than just identify the value of your business; we provide strategic guidance on how to leverage this information for planning or ligation support purposes when needed.

Hanson & Co. valuations professionals take a comprehensive approach to valuing business interests. This is essential because rarely is there an established market with pricing guidelines to help determine the value of a privately held company. There are value drivers that vary between one company to the next which must be objectively assessed and quantified. To bridge this gap, our process includes an in-depth analysis of marketing data combined with the latest in valuation techniques. This allows us to arrive at an accurate valuation based on key variables. The end result is an accurate valuation report that is defensible against outside scrutiny.


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