Sales Tax Compliance

Sales Tax compliance is a complex task and hot topic. How can we help? 

Sales tax compliance has become a hot topic with the increase in internet based companies and online sales. If you sell products in multiple states, you may have the obligation to collect and remit sales tax in several jurisdictions. We can determine whether or not your business is in compliance with each jurisdiction’s specific sales tax requirements and help you set up the necessary sales tax accounts. Once you are set up to collect and remit sales taxes, we can prepare the sales tax returns on your behalf, or we can train you to prepare the sales tax returns yourself

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Payroll Protection Program FAQs

Congress passed the CARES Act which created important new loan options including the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). The program provides 100% forgivable loans for businesses to manage payroll expenses and retain staff.

Paycheck Protection Program Details

The financial vitality of many Denver businesses has come into question since the implementation of COVID-19 prevention orders. Many have been forced to change their business model or completely shut down to maintain compliance.