Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Working hard is the American way. From a global viewpoint, people in the U.S. work more than those from other countries in Europe and around the world. So it makes sense that after a lifetime of hard work individuals want to be sure their assets are distributed to family members and others in a way consistent with their wishes. Unfortunately, if estate and gift tax planning is not conducted it may result in higher taxes upon death leaving less for loved ones. For this reason, it’s essential to conduct estate and gift tax planning to ensure that remaining assets are taxed at the lowest rate possible. In addition, this type of planning often creates immediate tax savings providing an immediate benefit.

Hanson & Co. has experience working with high net worth individuals to create a custom estate and gift plan. Our professionals have years of experience in identifying needs and analyzing finances to find the most effective method for conserving the estate while reducing taxes. We use a mix of planning vehicles and strategies to protect hard earned assets from taxation, while ensuring beneficiaries will receive the most possible according to the taxpayers’ wishes.


  • Review essential documents including will, power of attorney and other directives
  • Structure giving strategies including annual gifts, spousal gifts and property transfer strategies
  • Create and implement strategies to reduce estate taxes – including charitable giving, lifetime giving options and determining retirement plan distribution options.
  • Tax planning and compliance for estates and fiduciaries
  • Assistance with gift tax filings and other compliance issues


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