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Correcting 401k Plan Errors

Learn about the most common 401k plan errors including plan matching errors, plan operations don’t operate according to plan documents and the non-timely deposit - Hanson Co - Denver 401k Auditors.

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Benefit Plan Fraud Prevention

Learn about the areas and opportunities for benefit plan fraud including issues with hardship distributions and terminated employee accounts and the steps plan sponsors can take to protect their interests - Hanson CO - Denver 401k Auditor. 

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Business Valuations – Asset Approach

Learn about the various formulas that a valuation analyst can use to determine the value of a company for investors - Hanson - Denver Business Valuations. 

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Business Valuations – Income Approach

Learn about the common approach to business valuations known as the income approach to valuing businesses including the methods used under this approach including the capitalization of earnings and discounted cash flow method - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Learn about the common mistakes that most business owners make when seeking to sell their business including poor timing and lack of buyer qualification  - Hanson Co - Denver Accounting Firm.

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Compliance Challenges Facing 401k Plan Sponsors

Learn about the key challenges faced by 401k plan sponsors when maintaining compliance including participant deferral timing, eligibility requirements and eligible compensation - Hanson CPA - Denver 401k Auditor.

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Key Considerations to Selecting a New Plan Auditor

Learn about the key considerations that companies should make when considering a new benefit plan auditor including firm experience, staffing training, DOL finding and investigations and peer review results - Hanson Co - Denver 5500 Audit.

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New Lease Accounting Standards Issued

Learn about the new lease accounting standard that requires companies to change how they list the lease on their financial statement including the requirement where only capital leases should be recognized on the balance sheet - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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Facing College Costs

Read about the rising cost of college tuition and including information about saving for college with designated college fund accounts - Hanson & Co. - Denver CPA Firm.

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