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New Overtime Rules May Mean Additional Payroll Expenses

Learn about the new overtime rules announced by the Department of Labor on May 18th and increases in salaried workers threshold and the impact it will have on Denver business owners and steps they need to take to prepare for the change - Hanson CPAs - Denver CPA. 

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New Lease Accounting Standards Issued

Learn about the newly issued lease accounting standards and the impact it will have on a company financial statements - Hanson & Co - Denver CPA Firm. 

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What You Should Know About Student Loans

Get important information that college students should be aware of as they enter college and assess the various college loan options including federal loan programs, student loans such as the Direct Program and other private loan options - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Learn about the benefits of outsourcing your company's accounting, bookkeeping and other work including AP/AR to ensure consistent records, reduces costs, minimizes risk and identifying the best accounting software for a company - Hanson & Co - Denver CPA

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Cash Flow Management Tips for Construction Companies

Learn about key cash flow tips that construction companies can follow to ensure they have positive cash flow including reviewing vendor contracts - Construction CPA. 

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Making Expense Accounts Accountable

Learn about expense account management including how to ensure you receive favorable tax treatment including the business purpose test - Hanson & Co., - Denver CPA Firm. 

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