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Do I Need to File 1099 Forms?

Do I need to file 1099 Forms? Learn about the answer to this important question for business owners - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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TaxStephanie Parnell
Tax Planning Update - Opportunity Zone Guidance Issued by IRS

Learn about the recent update to guidance issued by the IRS on Opportunity Zones for Denver individuals and companies for tax planning - Hanson CPAs - Denver CPA firm.

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TaxMark Moore, CPA
Out-of-State Retailers Now Required to Collect Sales Tax

Learn about the recent changes to online sales tax collection rules and regulations for online retailers with Colorado customers resulting from Wayfair v South Dakota - Denver CPA Firm.

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Optimizing Your Medical Practice’s Cash Flow

Learn about the steps that medical practices can take to enhance cash flow including upfront patient payments, confirm insurance coverage and a missed appointment fee - Hanson C0 - Denver CPA Firm.

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Qualified Opportunity Zones – A Tax Planning Option

Review the new tax planning opportunities for Denver companies to defer capital gains on the sale of assets known as Qualified Opportunity Zones - Hanson Co- Denver CPA Firm.

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Supreme Court Ruling to Impact Online Retailers

Get key information about the recent Wayfair v. South Dakota ruling which changes the law and requirements for online retailers to collect sales tax - Hanson CO - Denver CPA Firm.

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The New Tax Law will Change Divorce Tactics

Learn about the key changes that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act had on divorce proceedings including how taxpayers will be impacted on paying taxes on alimony and other areas - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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No Tax Deductions for Business Entertaining

Learn about the recent changes to the meal and entertainment expense deduction that no longer allows companies to deduct a majority of their meal and entertainment expenses which was allowed under prior rules - Hanson CO - Denver CPA Firm,.

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Texas Tax Amnesty Program – Should You Participate?

Get important details on the Texas Amnesty program and learn about how to determine if your company has an issue and if you should participate in the program, including key benefits - Hanson Co - Denver CPA Firm.

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TaxNate Galuzzi