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The oil and gas industry has many special rules and regulations. It is especially important that we as advisors understand what those rules are in order to best assist you. Whether it is an assurance service or a tax engagement, we believe that we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our services include agreed-upon procedures, bookkeeping and payroll services, business and management consulting, business valuations, income tax return planning and projections, preparation of property and sales tax return, and reporting on audited, reviewed, and compiled financial statements.


Construction companies face many unique challenges and risks, from rising material costs and fierce bidding competition to unique labor issues and insurance/bonding challenges.  Successfully operating a construction company in today’s marketplace requires management’s constant attention to every aspect of the business. We understand the critical relationships that construction companies must maintain with their customers, banks, and bonding companies. This industry requires unique accounting services and expertise, such as job costing and complex revenue recognition calculations. We have provided accounting and consulting services for construction clients for over four decades, from small specialty subcontractors to large general contractors.


Manufacturing companies have been most affected by the recent recession and increased competition resulting from the expanding global economy. It is more important than ever for companies to operate efficiently by controlling costs, managing inventory, and to make wise decisions that mitigate the tax impact of their operations. We provide many services that will assist you in addressing these important issues, including overhead allocation, cost analysis, FIFO and LIFO inventory analysis, and tax planning services..


Managing a medical practice is often a difficult challenge. There are a number of changing variables that not only impact operations but also individual physician compensation, reimbursements and overall practice profitability. Increasing costs, new regulations, decreasing reimbursements and healthcare reform have been a challenge. Finding the best way to proactively manage these can be difficult but also presents opportunity. To ensure your practice can leverage these opportunities, it’s essential to partner with a CPA firm with industry experience. It’s important to work with a firm that not only understands traditional tax, accounting and audit needs, but one that is familiar with the operational, management and other issues specific to medical practices.


Professional service firms operate to provide tailored services to clients based on their unique and individual needs. These firms often operate with workers who are highly educated in their field, such as law, medicine, consulting, marketing, or real estate. Many professional service firms simply lack the resources to maintain the company’s financial records. We offer a wide range of accounting services to help these companies stay current with their finances and reporting requirements. We provide regular bookkeeping services and prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements in order to supply you with accurate financial information you can rely on while you concentrate on serving your clients.


The real estate industry is in a constant state of flux due to a constantly changing market and other conditions. The variables influencing how and when property is acquired, developed, and utilized is a complex formula that is different for each company. Whether you focus on property development, management, or you are a real estate investor, broker, or agent, our team of experienced professionals can help. To ensure your company’s formula is producing expected results, it is essential to work with a CPA firm that not only understands traditional tax, accounting, and audit, but one that is intimately familiar with the common financial issues and challenges faced as well.