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Hanson & Co. CPAs has been working with individuals and privately held businesses in the Denver metro area for more than 40 years. While we work with companies across numerous industries, our professionals have focused experience serving companies in the constructionmanufacturing, real estate, professional services, medical practices and oil and gas industries. In addition, we provide a variety of tax, accounting, audit, and consulting solutions to meet the diverse needs of our emerging, growth-focused, and established corporate clients.

Key Facts on the De Minims Safe Harbor Election

Many real estate, construction and other business owners are aware of the IRS tangible property rules issued by the IRS in 2014. The rules made significant changes to how companies capitalize versus expense materials, supplies and other items related to the construction or improvement of real property.

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Fraud is a fundamental problem that businesses must protect themselves against. When an incident of fraud is uncovered not only does it destroy trust between management and employees, it can also end up costing the business tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Employee benefit plans are usually not an area of great concern for most companies. This audit is often of less concern then the company’s financial statement audit and therefore doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.